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Tomoca Fresh Ground Ethiopian High Land Coffee and Roasted whole Bean Coffee (Only Ethiopian Organic  Arabica Coffee)
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Tomoca Fresh Ground Ethiopian High Land Coffee and Roasted whole Bean Coffee (Only Ethiopian Organic Arabica Coffee)
ቶሞካ ተቆልቶ የተፈጨ እና ያልተፈጨ ቡና

Selection: Bar Type - Dark Roast Harrar Ground Coffee (ተቆልቶ የተፈጨ ቡና) 250 Grams | More about this product
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Price: $7.41
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Bar Type - Dark Roast Harrar Ground Coffee (ተቆልቶ የተፈጨ ቡና) 250 Grams

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Product Description
Bar Type - Dark Roast Harrar Ground Coffee (ተቆልቶ የተፈጨ ቡና) 250 Grams

Type of Coffee: Harrar Coffee
Type of Roast: Bar Type

Colour: Dark Roast
Taste: Strong, sharp on the tongue, Good quality for espresso.

About Harrar Coffee
Region: Harrar
Altitude: 1,510 - 2,120
Shape and make of bean: Medium to large, long with pointed ends, generally called long berry Harrar
Quality: Medium acidity, full body, round cup, typical mocha flavour of good quality cup.

Special Note

Roasted and Ground From the finest quality of Ethiopian organic coffee ARABICA straight from its homeland ETHIOPIA to your door steps! ተቆልቶ ተፈጭቶ የተዘጋጀ ምርጥ የኢትዮጵያ ቡና! Special Aluminium Packed to maintain intact for long time the natural flavor and aroma obtained by the careful blended of the best selected qualities of Ethiopian Highland grown Arabica Coffee.

Confezione Speciale Sottovuoto Per Mantenere A lungo Intatti il Sapore E L'aroma Del L'accurata Miscela Delle Migliori Selezionate qualita Di Cafee Etiopico Prodotto D'Etiopia.

According to national folklore, the origin of coffee is firmly rooted in Ethiopia's history. Our most popular legend concerns the goat herder from Kaffa, where the plants still grow wild in the forest hills. After discovering his goats to be excited, almost dancing on their hind legs, he noticed a few mangled branches of the coffee plant which was hung with bright red berries. He tried the berries himself and rushed home to his wife who told him that he must tell the monks. The monks tossed the sinful drug into the flames, an action soon to be followed by the smell we are all so familiar with now. They crushed the beans, raked them out of the fire, and distilled the stimulating substance in boiling water. Within minutes the monastery filled with the heavenly aroma of roasting beans, and the other monks gathered to investigate. After sitting up all night, they found a renewed energy to their holy devotions. Interestingly, Ethiopians themselves call coffee "buna" a word referring to the rich brown color of coffee, rather than calling it "coffee" after the Kaffa region. Some people believe the English word "coffee" originates from the Arabic word "qahwa" rather than from the word "Kaffa", although they still credit the Kaffa region as being the home or birthplace of coffee as we know it today. Courtesy: "Kaldis and The Dancing Goats (The legend of Ethiopian Coffee)" Courtesy:

Product Details
  Net Weight: 250-500 Grams
  Note: Gift-wrapping is not available for this item.
  MPID: 3462485814
  Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 days
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