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Popular Books on Mereb (top 12 in the past one year)
1Metsihaf Kidus Zebiluy Wezehadis Zelisane Ge\'ez (The Bible in Ge\'ez  with Old testament based on Septuagint)2Gedile Abune Gerima3Yene Menged
Metsihaf Kidus Zebiluy Wezehadis Zelisane Ge'ez (The Bible in Ge'ez with Old testament based on Septuagint)
Gedile Abune Gerima
Yene Menged
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Books: Top 10
Wede Fikir Guzo 1. Wede Fikir Guzo
ወደ ፍቅር ጉዞ
Orthodoksawi Wetatinetina Menfesawi Agelglotu 2. Orthodoksawi Wetatinetina Menfesawi Agelglotu
ኦርቶዶክሳዊ ወጣትነትና መንፈሳዊ አገልግሎቱ
Orthodoksawi Kihnet 3. Orthodoksawi Kihnet
ኦርቶዶክሳዊ ክህነት
YeHilina Ereft 4. YeHilina Ereft
የሕሊና ዕረፍት
YeAnketse Birhan Anidemita Tirguame 5. YeAnketse Birhan Anidemita Tirguame
የአንቀጽ ብርሃን አንደምታ ትርጓሜ
Negere Kiristos 6. Negere Kiristos
ነገረ ክርስቶስ
Yekiristos Simoch (Adagn Ena Kedash Behonu Simochu Lay Yetesetu Tilik Ena Temestuawi Mabrariyawoch) 7. Yekiristos Simoch (Adagn Ena Kedash Behonu Simochu Lay Yetesetu Tilik Ena Temestuawi Mabrariyawoch)
የክርስቶስ ስሞች (አዳኝ እና ቀዳሽ በሆኑ ስሞቹ ላይ የተሰጡ ጥልቅ እና ተመስጧዊ ማብራሪያውች
Tsehay Kechelema Kene Min Alesh? 8. Tsehay Kechelema Kene Min Alesh?
ፀሐይ ከጨለማ ከኔ ምን አለሽ?
Eyedane Hede 9. Eyedane Hede
እየዳነ ሄደ
Maebel Teri Wef 10. Maebel Teri Wef
ማዕበል ጠሪ ወፍ
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