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1. Product Details

Hawariyawi Tel'eko (Hawate 303)
ሐዋሪያዊ ተልእኮ (፫፻፫)
(Paper Cover - January 2012)
~ Deacon Daniel Kibret (Author)

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2. Product Details

Orthodox Mels Alat /KeProtestantoch Leminesu Andand Tiyakewoch Yetesetu Melsoch/
ኦርቶዶክስ መልስ አላት /ከፕሮቴስታንቶች ለሚነሡ አንዳንድ ጥያቄዎች የተሰጡ መልሶች/
(Paper Cover - 2011)
~ Deacon Daniel Kibret (Author)

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3. Product Details

Tinibite Daniel (KeZemene Babilon Eske Alem Fitsame)
ትንቢተ ዳንኤል (ከዘመነ ባቢሎን እስከ ዓለም ፍጻሜ)
(Paper Cover - 2012 (Second Edition))
~ Deacon Daniel Kibret (Author)

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4. Product Details

Menfesawi Hiywet Mindnew
መንፈሳዊ ሕይወት ምንድነው?
(Paper Cover - 2015)
~ Saint Gorgorios Zenusis (Author)
~ Deacon Daniel Kibret (Translator)

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5. Product Details

Ra'eye Yohannes (Yealem Mecheresha)
ራእየ ዮሐንስ (የዓለም መጨረሻ)
(Paper Cover - December 2012)
~ Deacon Daniel Kibret (Author)

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6. Product Details

Ethioiyawiw Surafi (YeAbune Tekilehaymanot YeHiwot Tarikna Asitewatso)
ኢትዮጵያዊው ሱራፊ (የአቡነ ተክለሃይማኖ የሕይወት ታሪክና አስተዋጽዎ)
(Paper Cover - 2019)
~ Deacon Daniel Kibret (Author)

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7. Product Details

KeEtege Eleni Eske Kidst Welete Petros (YeEthiopia Ena YeAweropa Ginignunet)
ከእቴጌ ዕሌኒ እስከ ቅድስት ወለተ ጴጥሮስ (የኢትዮጵያ እና የ አውሮፓ ግንኙነት)
(Paper Cover - 2021)
~ Deacon Daniel Kibret (Author)

Buy new: $25.99
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