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A Table avec la Reine de Saba (Dining With the Queen of Sheba)
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A Table avec la Reine de Saba (Dining With the Queen of Sheba) (Paper Cover)

~ Teshome Berhe (Author)
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Product Description


Spices and Condiments(ቅመምና ማጣፈጫ)

1.Ethiopian REd Berbere Blend(በርበሬ)
2.Berbere Paste (አዋዜ)
3.Blended Chilli Pepper (ሚጥሚጣ)
4.Bread Spice(የዳቦ ቅመም)
5.White spice(ያልጫ ቅመም)
6.Black spice (ጥቁር ቅመም)
7.Purified Butter(ንጥር ቅቤ)

Bread and Flour (ዳቦና ዱቄት)

1.Ethiopian Bread made with T'ef Flour;'Yetef I'njera' (የጤፍ እንጀራ)
2.Ethiopian flat Bread 'Injera' (እንጀራ)
3.Thick Tef Flour Bread 'Yetef Kita' (የጤፍ ቂጣ)
4.Bread made from Enset Plant 'Quotch'o' (ቆጮ)
5.Bread sandwiches made with T'ef Flour 'Annebabero'(አነባበሮ)
6.Thick Abyssiniyan Bread 'Yabesha Dabo' (የአበሻ ዳቦ)
7.Decorated Bread 'Ambasha' (አምባሻ)
8.Bleanded Pea Flour 'mit'in Chiro'(ምጥን ሽሮ)


Snacks 'Mekoya' (መቆያ)

1.Stuffed Green chilli Pepper 'Sinig Qariya'(ስንግ ቃሪያ)
2.Green Chiili With Cubed Tomatoes 'Timatim Bekariya'ቲማቲም በቃሪያ)
3.Spicy Creps with Dried Injera 'Quategna'(ቃተኛ)
4.Blended Barely Flour 'Tch'qo'(ጭኮ)
5.Barley Porridge 'Yegebs Genfo'(የገብስ ገንፎ)
6.Refined Qotcho Porridge 'Yebula Genfo'(የቡላ ገንፎ)
7.Pastary Shell With Beef Stuffing 'Samboussa Bessiga'(ሳምቡሳ በስጋ)
8.SAmboussa With Lentils 'Samboussa Bemissir'(ሳምቡሳ በምስር)
9.Fried Abyssinian Cookies 'Dabbo quolo'(ዳቦ ቆሎ)

Meat and Fish 'Siga inna Asa' "ስጋና አሳ"

1.Beef Stew 'quey Siga Wot'"ቀይ ስጋ ወጥ"
2.Minced Beef Stew 'minchet wot'"ምንቸት ወጥ"
3.Beef simmered In Awaze 'Gored Gored'"ጎረድ ጎረድ"
4.Raw Meat 'Tire siga' "ጥሬ ስጋ"
5.Ethiopian Tartar Steak 'Kitfo' "ክትፎ"
6.Lamb Stew 'Yebeg Alicha' (የበግ አልጫ)
7.Roast Meat 'Lega Tibs' (ለጋ ጥብስ)
8.Boiled Lamb 'yebeg quiquil'(የበግ ቅቅል)
9.Chicken stew 'Doro Wet' (ዶሮ ወጥ)
10.Miled chiken Stew 'Yedoro Alicha'(ዶሮ አልጫ)
11.Fried fish 'Assa Tibs'(አሳ ጥብስ)
12.Fish Sauce 'Yassa wot'(የአሳ ወጥ)

 Vegetable Dishes

'Yetsom Beyaynetu'(የጾም በያይነቱ) 

1.Vegetable Stew 'Yatikilt Allich'a' (የአትክልት አልጫ)
2.Bleanded Pea Sauce 'Chiro Wot'(ሽሮ ወጥ)
3.Red Lentil Sauce 'Quei Missir wot'(ቀይ ምስር ወጥ)
4.Yellow Split-Pea Sauce 'Kik Allitch'a'(ክክ አልጫ)
5.Injera With tomatoes) 'Yetimatim Fitifit' "የቲማቲም ፍትፍት"
6.Collard Greens 'Yehabesha Gommen'"የሃበሻ ጎመን" 

Cheese and Cakes

1.Spiced Cottage Cheese 'Aib' (አይብ)
2.DEsert Cake With Dates And Coconut Desert Cake (ኬክ)

 Drinks 'Met'et' (መጠጥ)

1.Ethiopian coffee 'Bounna'(ቡና)
2.Ethiopian spiced Tea 'Chai'(ሻይ)
3.Ethiopian Hydromel 'Dry TE'j Mead'
4.Simulated Honey Wine 'T'edj'(ጠጅ)
5.National Beer Of Ethiopia 'Tella'(ጠላ)
6.Ethiopian Vodka 'Areke'(አረቄ)

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Summary (English and French)

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Product Details
  Author: Teshome Berhe
  Paper Cover: 139 pages
  Publisher: Andenet Trading and printers (2011)
  Languages: English, French
  ISBN-13: 978-99944-995-0-2
  Product Dimension: 6.7 x 9.10 x 0.6 Inches
  Shipping Weight: 461 Grams. (View shipping rates and policies)
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