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Traditional and Contemporary Music of Ethiopia
Amharic Music Oromigna Music Tigirigna Music
Amharic Music Oromigna Music Tigirigna Music
New releases:
Spiritual Songs for Your Soul
Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Songs Menzuma and Neshida Pentecostal Songs
Tewahedo Songs Menzuma & Neshida Pentecostal Songs
New releases:
Tilahun Gessesse  
Tilahun Gessesse's Greatest Hits

An exceptional collection of greatest hits and rare performances.

Check Out Tilahun's Popular Music

Yilma Hailu  
Yilma Hailu Spiritual Songs

Check out Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Spiritual Songs by Yilma Hailu.
Tewahedo - 10
Tewahedo - 4
Tewahedo - 3
Tewahedo - 1

See all Yilma Hailu Spiritual Songs
Bethelhem Tezera  
Bethelhem Tezera Spiritual Songs

Check out Pentecostal Spiritual Songs by Bethelhem Tezera.
Ye-Heiwote Balebet
Edmaye Bebetheh Yelek
Chelemachin Bera

See all Bethelhem Tezera Spiritual Songs
Mohamed Awel  
Mohamed Awel Menzuma & Neshida

Check out Muslim Menzuma & Neshida by Mohamed Awel.

Mukeremu, Mubareke, Weslim Aleyehi,
Ziaretule Qubure

See all Mohamed Awel Menzuma & Neshida
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Music & Songs: Top 10
Arada 1. Arada

Teddy Yo
Audio CD
Amilake Neh 2. Amilake Neh
አምላኬ ነህ

Deacon Tadele Geduf
Audio CD
Lebete Medan Honelign 3. Lebete Medan Honelign
ለበቴ መዳን ሆነልኝ

Alehegn Demas
Video CD
Yagegnegnin Agegnehut 4. Yagegnegnin Agegnehut
ያገኘኝን አገኘሁት

Deacon Tadele Geduf
Audio CD
Ante Yalihew Yihun 5. Ante Yalihew Yihun
አንተ ያልኸው ይሁን

Deacon Tadele Geduf
Audio CD
Godana 6. Godana

Zerfu Demissie
Audio CD
Simish Gulbet Honogn 7. Simish Gulbet Honogn
ስምሽ ጉልበት ሆኖኝ

Zemari Abel Tesfaye
Video CD
Jano (Lerasih New) 8. Jano (Lerasih New)
ጃኖ (ለራስህ ነው)

Jano Band
Audio CD
Gedin Endewaza 9. Gedin Endewaza
ጌዲን እንደዋዛ

Gedion Daniel
Audio CD
Gize Binegudim 10. Gize Binegudim
ጊዜ ቢነጉድም

Mikaya Behailu
Audio CD
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